Playing Rules

2017 Junior Indoor Cricket Championship Rules

The Game

A team shall consist of four (4) players per side.

A game shall consist of 3 teams of 4 players.

Two (2) teams will field and one (1) bat.

Each batting team will face eight (8) overs, one (1) from each player in the 2 fielding teams.

Each over consists of six (6) balls.

Each batting pair will bat for four (4) overs each.

Each bowler will bowl two (2) overs (not to be consecutive and not to same batting team).

All fielders will rotate 1 position clockwise after each over.

Each wicket is worth minus five (-5) runs. The team with the highest score at the end of the game will be deemed the winner.

A maximum of one (1) extra run can be taken on each ball.

If batsmen do not cross for a run no bonus net runs will be awarded.

If the score does not change for two (2) consecutive balls, on the third ball the score must change, or the batting pair will lose 5 runs. (This is called the 3rd ball rule).

Any leg side, no ball or wide bowled in the last over of an innings may be rebowled at the batter’s request.  Should another illegal ball be bowled this will not be rebowled.

Methods of dismissal

A batsman shall be given out and lose Three (3) runs for the following methods of dismissal;

  • Bowled,
  • Stumped,
  • Caught (including off all walls except the back wall),
  • Interference – where the batter obstructs fielders or the ball in play deliberately,
  • Run Out
  • Mankad.


A batter shall score 1 run when both batters successfully change ends without being run out.

Bonus runs shall be scored for the ball hitting the walls;

  • Back wall (Behind batter) = 0 runs
  • Side Walls = 2 runs
  • Side wall onto end wall = 3 runs
  • End wall after bouncing = 4 runs
  • End wall on the full = 6 runs

Championship Table

During the season a championship ladder will be displayed on the website (

At the end of the season, the top two (2) sides will contest in the finals.

Championship Points

At the completion of each game points will be awarded as follows;

  • Top scoring batting team = Six (6) points
  • Second highest batting team = Four (4) points
  • Third batting team = Two (2) points.

Two (2) bonus point will be awarded for each skin won.

  • A skin is the comparative scores of each batting pair. i.e. if the first batting pair of team A score 20 runs, then the first batting pair of team B or C require 21 runs to win the skin.
  • If a skin is tied, the point will jackpot to the next pair. If the skin is tied for the final pair, then the bonus point will be shared between tied teams.
  • Maximum premiership points to be won in a match = Ten (6 for win & 4 for winning all Skins)

Note: If scores are drawn at the end of the game, the team with the most skins will be deemed the winner. If skins are tied the game is a draw.

Finals Qualification

Players must play 1/3rd of their team’s games to qualify for finals. All players must have their details correctly filled out on the team sheet which includes name, address, phone number and date of birth.